What is WP Momentum?

So just why are we launching WPMomentum – our WordPress Hosting, Security and Maintenance program?

With over 60 millon WordPress installs, WordPress now powers 25% of the websites online. Our parent company – HUB Creative – deploys client sites solely on WordPress.

But one of the biggest issues we – and our client’s face – is what to do after the site is installed. To maintain security, WordPress needs to stay updated, plug-ins need to be updated and, of course, content and design elements may need to be changed. And while WordPress does make it easy for just about anyone to do these tasks on their own – not everyone is comfortable with them or has the time to do so.

Last year we introduced our WordPress support program to our existing web site clients with great success. Now we’re making our WordPress experts available to everyone under the WPMomentum program. For a monthly fee you can relax knowing that your Wordpress site is going to be looked after. Rock-solid web hosting, WordPress updates, plug-in updates, daily site back-ups, malware and virus scanning are all taken care of.

WP Momentum - WordPress Hosting, Security and Maintenance

WordPress Content Updates

This is where we really shine! Need page added to your site? A phone number changed? A blog post or video added?  Our web designers and developers are here for you! We do all of the heavy lifting so all you need to worry about is your business – not your website.

Security and Monitoring

The popularity of WordPress makes it a tempting target for bad guys, but you can rest easy! We constantly monitor your site for hackers and malware, alert you if there’s a problem, and clean it up for free.

Rock Solid Managed Web Hosting

Because we specialize in WordPress, our servers are specifically calibrated to make your site blazing fast. We provide dedicated resources to meet the needs of even the most demanding – and growing – sites.

Daily Back-Ups

To keep your website safe, your data is backed up every day and stored securely off-site if anything ever goes wrong.

What’s important to you?

Every client has different needs in terms of what’s important to them. Some use WPMomentum strictly for reliable web hosting and the security features. Some rely on us to do regular content and design changes.

What’s important  to you??

Click here to sign up to WPMomentum – and leave the WordPress to us!

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